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Bamseom (Island)

Name: Bamseom or Bam Island
Location: 84-8 Keun-seom, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu (East Seogang Bridge)Small Island 313 Dangin-dong, Mapo-gu, (West Seogang Bridge)
Area: 241,490㎡ (73,100 pyeong)
Altitude: 3.0-5.5m (Excessive discharge from Paldang Dam causes frequent flooding due to floodwaters)
Revetment Type: Around the type island - Mud, sand and gravel, etc

Bam Island has transformed into a ‘major visit place of the migratory birds’ in the urban space, thanks to the natural growth of water plants, such as pampas grass and pussy willows, and deposit accumulation by Han River. A nest of migratory birds where birds coming from northern areas, such as Siberia and Mongol to get through the winter, creates extraordinary scenery hard to seen in the city. The island is off limit as it was designated as an ecosystem conservation area in 1999. Bird watching is allowed through the Bam Island outlook platform. In June 2012, the island has been appointed (18th in Korea) as one of Ramsar Wetlands, gaining high ecological value.

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