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Traditional Cultural Events

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Traditional Cultural Events

Traditional Cultural Events
Yeongdeungpo Dano Hanmadang Festival
Period: End of May
Location: Yeongdeungpo Park
On May 5 of Lunar Calendar, Dano Hanmadang Festival sponsored by Yeongdeungpo Cultural Center offers residents the opportunity to experience traditional culture called seasonal customs. Anyone can participate in Korean traditional events such as swing contests, Ssireum (Korean traditional wrestling), play swings, Yut, cockfight, jae-ki, tuho, see-sawing. One of the features is a picture-taking event for preschoolers and children. Form performance is also held by the performance team of the center, where you can appreciate the beautiful Koran folk culture

Jeongwol Daeboreum Festival
Period: During February
Location: At the waterfront of Omokgyo and Anyangcheon
The word 'Jeonwol' refers to the first month of New Year, 'Daeboreum' meaning the day of the first full moon of the year, referring to 15th of the lunar calendar. In the past, Korea used to be a typical agriculture society and Jeonwol Daeboreum was an important holiday to wish for the peace and good harvest of village people. The tradition and seasonal customs of Jeonwol Daeboreum have come down today. People gather at the waterfront of Omokgyo and Anyangcheon, and play yut, marble, tuho, fly kite, including mouse-fire play, the highlight of the Daeboreum event. Mouse-fire play-uses an empty can with fire inside and light a fire in the vacant field-is a traditional Korean game aiming to drive out evil spirits for a year. Around this time of the year, there are many kites fling around the whole area of Yeouido Han River.

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