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Yeongdeungpo-gu Festivals

More Cultural Festivals
Hi Seoul Festival
Period: Early May
Location: Seoul plaza and the whole area of the city /
Seoul's typical festival features new topics and methods every year. The festival is established as a world-class event of which millions of people participate every year. Hi Seoul Festival is a dynamic event for the citizens, by the citizens, of the citizens through participation of citizens in all programs, rather than a view-oriented festival. It combines the virtue of festivals and city, also in harmony of tradition and the future, thus participation and interest of foreigners are increasing every year. During the High Seoul Festival, a wide array of things to see and do will be provided in Yeongdeungpo, including marathon, various performances and exhibitions attractions, with the Han River as the center.

Mullae Art Festival
Period: During October
Location: Steel material street, including Dance Factory (Mullae-dong 3-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu)
Mullae Art Festival is an independent art festival share with audiences and the experimental spirit of artists, including art and everyday life held at the Mullae-dong steel space. 'Mullae' is the exact pronunciation of 'Mullae-dong' and is also a tool to produce thread. The name reflects the personality of Mullae Art Festival that blossoms arts in our everyday live. The festival is where new art, challenges, experiments and participation can be experienced in various genres (dance, play, painting, photograph, film, performance, culture, scholarly activities) by freely participating, regardless of genres and nationalities with artists involved in Mullae-dong Art Creation Complex.

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