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Seoul World Fireworks

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Seoul World Fireworks
Period: During October
Location: Yeouido district in the Han River Citizen's Parks
fireflower  fireflower
The festival that embroider the night sky of Han River Citizen's Park will be unfold in Yeouido district at the Han River Citizen's Park around October every year (the terrace land on the river in front of 63 City). The terrace land on the river is packed with people. However, some citizens know designated places where they can avoid the congestion and enjoy the Fireworks Festival. While many spots are available, such as the Han River Citizen's Park venues, 63 City Sky Lounge, north riverside at Nodeulseom Island, the most romantic place would be Han River boat cruise. Water taxi is also a smart choice to move faster to the Yeouido Fireworks Festival site.
Various ways to enjoy Fire Works Festival
Han River Cruise Boat: The number of operation during the festival [Jamsil Marina~Ttukseom Marina~Yeouido line marina] is increased. Purchase the boarding ticket at Jamsil or Ttukseom Marina between 10 am - 5 pm (Cruising service information: Eland Cruise Homepage

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