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Seonyudo Park

Name: Seonyudo Han River Park
Location: 343 Seonyuro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Area: 110,407㎡
Telephone No.: Seonyudo Information Center 02-2634-7250

One of the first resuscitate ecological park and "Park of Water" in Korea that recycled the old purification plant building structures. Enjoy eco-forest and water plant of various gardens, including a water purification basin, the Garden of Green Columns, an aquatic botanical garden, the time garden mixed with existing buildings in 114,000㎡ situated in the whole Seonyudo. The park provides ecological education and a place to experience nature through various and abundant variety of attractions and resting areas. The site links Yanghwa Han River Park, including mist fountain and World Cup fountain, offering beautiful views of Seoul and is becoming one of the famous tourist attractions.
Main Facilities
  • Seonyu Bridge
  • • Size: Overall width 3-14m, length 469m
  • • The Seonyu Bridge is linked to the Yanghwa district, constructed in an arch shape and planting tunnel along with an observatory deck, providing a pedestrian bridge. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful Han River, World Cup Fountain and World Cup Park. Most notably, the bridge is a newest hot spot of Han River with its various colors of lighting and night.
  • Garden of Transition
  • • Size: Area 3,976㎡
  • • Planting Plants: Ligusticum acutilobum, native thyme, brachyura Maximowicz, euonymus fortunei, fernbrakes, paper birch, etc.
  • • Composition: Enjoy the world of various plants decorated with recycled chemical sedimentation and small theme gardens, including aroma garden, vine garden, color garden, sound garden, moss garden, fernbrake garden, blue forest garden, and green wall garden
  • The Garden of Green Columns
  • • Size: Area 1,585㎡, 30 green columns
  • • Composition: The concrete roof tops of water reservoir are removed and only the columns are remained. The garden provides gentle stillness with ivy-covered support, creating a space of contemplation and relaxation.
  • Water Purification Basin
  • • Size: 1,907㎡(Comprised of 28 cascaded tanks)
  • • Planting Plants: Water plant, like water hyacinth, water chestnut, reed, and iris
  • • Composition: The Water Purification Basin recycled chemical sedimentation is where visitors can observe the growth and cleaning process of various water plants that purify water.

How to Come Here
How to Come Here
Car Olympic Road to Airport Pass the Yanghwa Bridge, approach to Seonyudo in the Yanghwa Han River Park at 1,000m. Parking lot available at Yanghwa Han River Park.
Olympic Road Jamsil bound Drive to the right side under the Sungsan Bridge, make right turn (pass the underpass). Parking lot available at Yanghwa Han River Park.
Subway Line No. 2 Dangsan Station Exit No. 1
Line No. 9 Take exit number 13 at the Dangsan Station (100m), take bus number 5714, and get off at the Seonyudo Park main gate
Lines No. 2 and Take exit number 9 at the Hapjeong Station (20m), take bus numbers 5714, 7612, 760, or 603 to Seonyudo Park main gate
Bus Seonyudo Park Main Gate 603, 760, 5714, 7612
Café ARITAUM 602, 604, 5712, 6712, 6716

Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Information