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Monterey Park in Los Angles, the U.S.

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Monterey Park in Los Angles, the U.S.

  • Name of Country: United States
  • Name of City: Monterey Park in Los Angles
  • Date of endorsing sister-city affiliation 2007.10.30
  • The status of affiliated sister cities
    Location: East of LA, 10 minutes by car
    Area: 19㎢
    Climate: Year-round warm climate
    Population: 60,000 people
    Regional Characteristics: One of the 88 cities within LA county, a central place of traffic where three major express highway pass through in Southern California, mostly residential area and commercialized district.
    Major Industry: Commercial business.
    Status of other regions.
    Education organization: East Los Angeles College, Monterey Park College.
    Major commercial areas: Atlantic Plaza, Corporate Center, Mc Catherine business park.
  • The background of sister-city endorsement
    • 2005. 5.26 Received a letter of intention from Consulate general in LA regarding sisterhood relationship.
  • Pro-US friendship missionary progress
    Pro-US friendship missionary progress
    Date and Time Key Details note

    (4 nights and 6 days)

    14 people including the chief of the gu was officially invited to US by City of Monterey Park
    Besides the chief of the gu, officers of district council and yeongdeungpo chamber of commerce also joined the occasion.
    Press conference with local media, key business facility inspection, etc.
    10.30. Conclude sisterhood relationship agreement.
    Visit America

    (2 nights and 3 days)

    9 people including mayor were officially invited to Korea to commemorate one year anniversary on sisterhood relationship agreement
    Benjamin Frank Venti, mayor of City of Monetary Park, and members of sisterhood city.
    Visit gu office, district council, Observe facilities in gu, participated in the 13th Residents of the Day Commemorative Ceremony.
    discussion on exchange projects for teenagers.
    Visit Korea
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