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Men tou gou gu, China

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Men Tou Gou Gu, China

  • Name of Country : China
  • Name of City : Men Tou Gou Gu, Beijing
  • Date of endorsing sister-city affiliation 1995.4.21
  • The status of affiliated sister cities
    Location: Southwest of Beijing
    Area: 1,455㎢
    Regional Characteristics One of the emerging industrial districts with advanced urban infrastructure since it focuses its organization on manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism.
    Major Industry: Industry (Machine, cement, electric, automobile), agriculture (wheat, corn, millet, grains), tourism (wild ginseng, Yisa, Ilyang, Ilgan) another regional status.
    - Education organization
    Education Institution:158 Institutions (3 colleges, 86 mid-high schools, and 69 elementary schools
    Culture Leisure

    Cultural Property (national level): Director (Damjasa, Gaetaesa)
    Tourist Site : Wild ginseng (Mt. Dongryong, Mt. Baekhwa, Mt. Myobong), Ilyang, (Hwangchorayng), Ilgan (Yongmungan).
    Others : 1 Large stadium, 5 Indoor & outdoor swimming pools

    Major Facilities

    Distribution Facilities : Men Tou Gou Gu Department Store, Men Tou Gou Gu Trade Building. Vegetable Market and newly established market.
    Others : 8 Financial institutes, 2 general hospitals

  • The background of sister-city endorsement

    As part of Beseto Business promotion that connects Seoul, Beijing and Tokyo in 1994, Seoul city selected Gu and Hyon, affiliated by Beijing which are similar to each Gu of Seoul and promoted exchange projects.

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