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01 Symbol Mark
Symbol Mark

Symbol Mark

  • Embodiment of the Korean alphabet 'ㅇ(yieung)', the first initial (phoneme) of Yeongdungpo-gu and O of 'O,X' or O of ‘OK’ in English, which are the universal language representing the future.
  • 영등포상징Represents vigorous and the centrality image of springy and dynamic Yeongdungpo-gu.
  • 미래지향적상징Embodies blossoming sprouts and the blue Han River and it represents comfortable nature-friendly environment, and symbolizes future-oriented image of Yeongdungpo-gu that leap forward through unity by forming a trinity among gu office, citizens and enterprises.
  • Visual representation of Yeongdungpo-gu along with symbol marks. The straight and curve lines formed in harmony illustrate united services, implicating the unique characteristics of Yeongdungpo-gu.

02 Slogan
  • The image depicts Yeongdeungpo as a human-centric city that seeks to improve the true happiness of its residents and strives beyond being an industrial city.

03 Character

    Embodies dynamic Yeongdeungpo, which advance to future in harmony of all elements, including culture, economy and nature. Its head symbolizes clean and green Yeongdungpo, and the cutting-edge graphic elements around the body represent the city leaping to advance economic Yeongdeungpo.

04 Color
  • [Main Color]Signifies the future vision of hopeful and vigorous Yeongdeungpo-gu.

  • [Sub Color]Represents fresh and nature-friendly environment.

05 City Tree
Ginko Tree
  • [Ginko Tree]

    Elegant and refreshing, with a long life grows into a big tree, symbolizes unlimited development of Yeongdeungpo.

06 City Bird
Wild Duck
  • [Wild Duck]

    Winter birds, the forebear of tame ducks and members of the duck family, known to visit Bam Island the most.

07 City Flower
  • [Magnolia]

    The flower blossoms before the leaves in the early spring. Its creamy-white, pure and elegant image represents the sentiment of Yeongdeungpo citizens.

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