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About Us

Administrative Objectives

“Education, welfare, and People-oriented New Yeongdeungpo”
The Three Major Visions

01. Leading education city

02. A beautiful city of sharing

03. People oriented safety city

Administrative Orientation

1. Promotion of educational environment conducive to pursuing dreams
2. Implementation of life-long study by sharing and learning
3. Realization of warm-hearted welfare that keeps our hopes alive
4. Promotion of strong welfare for everyone from infants to the elderly
5. Fostering of a healthy city by enhancing the quality of life
6. Establishment of a pleasant urban environment worth living in
7. Embodiment of a future with sustainable growth for well-being
8. Construction of a green city in harmony with nature and people
9. Composition of a lively, healthy cultural tourism
10. Open administration through citizens' participation

Yeongdeungpo-gu Office Information